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We know what’s best for clubs. Our 30 years of experience has allowed us to create strong relationships with other partners who work alongside our industry.

Here at AQIA, we’ve met with hundreds of different professional services that think they know what’s best for sporting clubs and organisations across Queensland. The truth is, we know what’s best for clubs. Our 30 years of experience has allowed us to create strong relationships with other partners who work alongside our industry. Members can feel assured knowing the services we promote are verified and trusted by us.

If you would like to take advantage of these special AQIA partnership offers, please fill out the ‘Apply for a Consultation’ form at the bottom of the page, and someone will be in touch to organise it.

Mullins Lawyers

It can be difficult to navigate through legal matters that your club may experience. General financing, construction contracts, and governance issues are all factors that can overwhelm volunteers at sports clubs. AQIA has partnered with Mullins Lawyers to take the stress of unfamiliar tasks off our volunteers.

Mullins Lawyers is an independent law firm based in the Brisbane CBD. They understand the importance of Queensland sport and recreation through the partnerships they’ve built over many years of working alongside our industry.

AQIA members who apply for a confidential discussion with Mullins are entitled to their first consultation at no cost.

Landini Consulting

The world of human resources can be one of the most difficult bridges to cross for so many clubs and organisations around the state. It is an area that covers almost every element of a business, including employee compensation, training, recruiting, screening, benefits, and termination. Perfecting a human resources department can be integral in determining the success and operations of a club or organisation. We understand the stress a HR problem can bring to a club and its volunteers. We are here to make the process a little easier.

AQIA has now partnered with a leading HR specialist to offer our members an exclusive deal only available on our website. Members can access a free and confidential consultation with Landini Consulting to discuss any HR issue your club may be experiencing. This offer is not available anywhere else, nor is it available to anyone else. Our associates at Landini Consulting have partnered with us for the last four years and have helped many clients reach their HR goals.

Success Story: Australian Sailing

With the help of the AQIA’s facilitation, Landini Consulting were able to create brand-affiliated templates and plans for Sailing Australia to effectively communicate with their future employees. Using the AQIA website allowed Australian Sailing to access the free first consultation with Landini Consulting, rather than paying full price.

The Grants Guru - TGG Consultancy

Fundraising is an essential activity for sports clubs to take part in. The gathering of resources and funds is what keeps clubs alive in an age where the cost of operating is only rising. Grants are another important method in creating revenue as they can be used to upgrade infrastructure, hire more staff, and provide more benefits for supporters and members of a club. We understand how difficult it can be for disadvantaged clubs to apply for and win grants. Our role as service facilitators allows us to provide world-class consultancy to the clubs and communities that need it the most.

David O’Leary is a Greater Brisbane-based consultant who specialises in how clubs can apply for and win grants from their governing bodies. He has been running his own consultancy group for 11 years. Our partnership with TGG Consultancy has allowed us to offer a free discussion with one of their grant specialists through an AQIA membership. This offer can only be found on our website for the betterment of sports clubs and organisations around Queensland.

Success Story: TBA

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