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iSponsor is a new and innovative way to fundraise and find sponsorships for clubs and organisations.

The iSponsor app promotes ‘shopping local’ – for everything from food, drink, fashion, and electronics. The app connects local businesses to retail organisations through a simple and easy-to-use phone application. A portion of funds raised through the app are then given directly to local clubs, charities, and organisations.

We believe iSponsor is the next logical step for Queensland clubs and organisations looking to take their fundraising to the next level. It is a simple idea that promotes fundraising in communities that need it the most. iSponsor’s beauty is in its simplicity, as it utilises a common item that almost everyone owns: the smartphone. This allows members of sporting clubs and organisations to fundraise on the go, rather than undergoing long processes like creating fundraising events. The app fills a large gap in the fundraising market, making it viable for every sport and recreation club in Queensland to try it out.

Download iSponsor on the App Store and Google Play

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