E-learning Courses

AQIA’s library of free and low-cost e-courses can help clubs and organisations thrive.

Online learning is an extremely valuable resource for the sports, fitness and recreation sector, allowing your committee and members to skill up, organise resources more efficiently, and recognise opportunities for growth.

E-learning is a highly accessible, low-cost form of training that your members can fit in around their schedules. Our e-learning modules are also an excellent resource for those pursuing a career in the active industry, offering a real insight into workings of successful sporting and recreation organisations.

E-course Topics Include

The Experts

Our AQIA e-learning courses are provided in collaboration with industry experts, including Terry Dillon and the CLUBMAP team, AFL umpire Chelsea Roffey, McLaughlin Sports Consultancy and David O’Leary from TGG Consultancy. 

How Our Short E-Courses Work

AQIA short courses generally take less than an hour to complete and are interactive, with videos, quizzes, and brainstorming prompts.

The courses are free and you do not need to be an AQIA member to complete them. Just enter your email to receive the link to begin your course.