Active Careers

As part of our two-fold mission, Active Queenslander’s Industry Alliance exists to assist school leavers and job seekers find a rewarding career in the fitness, sport, and recreation industry.

We promote exciting careers that allow job seekers to fulfil their potential in an industry that is growing rapidly. 

Careers in the industry can range from instructing gym sessions to guiding a tour group through some of Queensland’s most beautiful national parks. The possibilities are seemingly endless when you look for fitness, sport, or recreational jobs.

To make it easier for students and job seekers alike, we have centralised all the information necessary to gain a career in the most in-demand professions in the industry. 

What You’ll Learn

Our Career Guides will help you understand the key factors of a profession, including where you might work, the key responsibilities, and the most common education pathways that current members of the industry have attained.

Our Careers List will give you an in-depth look at what happens in an active career, with real experiences and insights from current employees in both text and video format.  

If you’re looking for information on what a job entails, the key responsibilities, and the qualifications you’ll need for it, check out our Career Guides. 

If you’re worried about picking which study path would best suit your goals, head to Pathways for an in-depth explanation of vocational training and university education.