About AQIA

Active Queenslanders Industry Alliance is the service delivery arm of the peak bodies for fitness, sport and active recreation in Queensland.

We exist to make it easier for community-level organisations and clubs to operate in their local communities and to support their workforce (paid or volunteer), because a strong and vibrant fitness, sport and recreation industry is important for Queenslanders’ health, quality of life and social connections.

Originally formed in 1993 as the Queensland Fitness, Sport and Recreation Training Council to be the voice of the industry in relation to the skills and training needs and other workforce development issues, in 2019 we expanded to provide direct services to grassroots organisations and clubs, as well as online event management, webinars and e-Learning opportunities.

Our Work

A healthy vibrant industry ensures it has a trained and qualified workforce that has up-to-date skills in adequate numbers to provide the services where they are required. Proper workforce development assists industry to attract and retain workers. In the fitness, sport and recreation industry this applies to both paid employees and volunteers.

Additionally, Active Queenslanders Industry Alliance provides direct support to eligible fitness, sport and recreation organisations and clubs to assist with education and training, strategic and financial planning, legal and HR advice and assistance to be ‘grant ready’.

Active Queenslanders Industry Alliance supports the fitness, sport and recreation sector workforces and provides free or subsidised services to eligible organisations across a range of areas, including:

Our People

Phil Reeves, Executive Chair

Phil has been Chair of Active Queenslanders Industry Alliance since 2016 and led the organisation’s 2019 expansion to become a direct service provider on behalf of the peak bodies of fitness, sport and recreation in Queensland. An experienced sports administrator, coach, CEO and former member of parliament, Phil has held a variety of professional and voluntary positions across community and government sectors, including serving as Queensland’s Sport Minister between 2009

Jo Chiu, Industry Development Manager

Jo Chiu is the Industry Development Manager at Active Queenslanders Industry Alliance. Her main role is the implementation of the Industry Skills Advisor Program. She has more than 20 years experience working in the vocational education and training sector.

Sonya Brewer, Business Services Coordinator

Sonya began working for Active Queenslanders Industry Alliance in 2016 taking over the role of project coordinator for the Skilling Queenslanders for Work projects. Sonya also supports the work of the other AQIA team members by working directly with industry, including the peak bodies. Sonya has extensive experience in training and employment which was gained whilst employed with the Queensland State Government for over 15 years.

Our Vision

Our vision is we operate at maximum effectiveness, through a workforce that is skilled to meet the needs of the industry. Our mission is to assist industry to achieve positive workforce development to help sustain fitness, sport and active recreation sectors in Queensland.

Some of our key workforce development goals are:

Our Partners