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Active Queenslanders Industry Alliance

Whether you’re an individual looking to begin an active career in sports, fitness and recreation, or an organisation looking for ways to build your membership and participation, AQIA is here with the resources and assistance you need.

We offer free e-learning courses, comprehensive career and training guides, and plenty of advice on how to thrive in this exciting industry. We also have a monthly newsletter recapping all the active news you need to know about —from grant opportunities to industry awards and events, delivered straight to your inbox.

We’re here to help. Because a strong and vibrant fitness, sport and recreation industry is important for the health, quality of life and social connection of Queenslanders.

Active Careers

We know that sometimes there’s no better substitute than hearing real-life stories from people in the job. Our video profile series brings you video interviews with people in great roles across our industry.

Active Careers

Our video profiles show what it’s actually like to have an active career, and all the different pathways into this great industry. We ask people in the job how they found the role, what they love about it, and what skills they’ve needed to succeed.

Active Careers

Our interviews are with people working in all levels and facets of the industry, from swimming pool staff to grounds managers at major stadiums.

Hear from Personal Trainers, Outdoor Rec Instructors, Gymnastics Coaches, and more!

AQIA’s mission is two-fold.

We exist to make it easier for community-level organisations and clubs to operate in their local communities, and to find the right people for their team.

We exist to assist enthusiastic, active people find a rewarding career in the fitness, sport, and recreation industry across Queensland.

Career Guides

Delivering Services for the Fitness, Sport and Recreation Industry

Alliance Members

AUSactive is a not-for-profit industry association, that exists to professionalise the fitness industry through engaging in partnerships, advocacy, delivering education, quality and accreditation. AUSactive supports the industry to deliver an environment for more Australians to adopt a healthy, active lifestyle.

QSport is the representative body for organised, affiliated sport and is accepted by government as the industry peak body for sport in Queensland. Its membership is made up mainly of state sporting organisations who represent their sporting activities across the State.

QORF is the peak body for the outdoors and outdoor activities in Queensland, and affirms the value of outdoor activity in all its various forms. QORF’s primary purpose is to raise the profile, capacity and opportunity for outdoor recreation in Queensland and to encourage more people to participate in outdoor recreation activities.


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