Active Industry Workforce Plan

AQIA has developed an 2024-2034 Active Industry Workforce Plan

The Queensland Active Industry needs 10 new workers per day, every day, for the next 10 years.

The Queensland Active Industry Workforce Plan 2024 – 2034 (the Plan) is a catalyst for changing the way we plan and manage Queensland’s Active Industry workforce needs over the next 10 years.

The Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games stand as a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to create meaningful employment pathways across our state. Now is the time for us to unite, leveraging the momentum of the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games to forge a legacy that transcends just sporting achievements.

The Plan

The eventual outcome of the Plan will be a strong, resilient, and adaptable workforce that can drive and support the industry into the future.

A collaboration between industry, regions, communities and government, the Plan forms part of an ongoing conversation on Queensland’s Active Industry workforce planning. It delivers key actions to support employers, state, regional and local sport and recreation organisations, training providers, state and local government, and the many other stakeholders in supporting skills and workforce development. The enthusiasm of the industry and the willingness to make “things” happen provides great optimism in our ability to address the future workforce needs.

During consultation with the Active Industry, stakeholders were very clear about what they wanted: do-able, realistic actions that could be ‘owned’ by industry in partnership with Government and actioned at a local level, as well as statewide. Actions included in the Plan will require strategic investment, collaboration and partnerships involving all levels of government, training providers, industry organisations, employers and individual stakeholders.

Five Key Actions

The Queensland Government supported the Plan’s development through the Department of Tourism and Sport’s Active Industry Project Fund, and support was also received from Jobs Queensland, Workforce Planning for Industry.