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CLUBMAP is an Australian company that specialises in preparing training and resources for sports clubs looking to upgrade their operations. Their website combines top-tier expertise and innovation with a grassroots approach.

CLUBMAP teaches clubs and volunteers how to effectively create a committee structure, engage more volunteers to help, and implement new-age repeatable revenue plans. The resources offered by CLUBMAP are integral to improving almost all parameters that a club should meet.

Thanks to our partnership, AQIA can offer a range of CLUBMAP resources at a discounted rate. These rates are only available for members on the AQIA website. See below for courses that we can offer at discounted rates.

Training and Resources

Success Story: Moreton Bay Regional Council

Through our industry partnerships, CLUBMAP were able to run their 2-hour Premium Planning Workshops for 5 different clubs in the Moreton Bay local government area. As a result of going through our website for information on CLUBMAP’s resources, Moreton Bay Regional Council were granted discounts on the resources they purchased.

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