Good Jobs, Great Training: Queensland Skills Strategy 2024 – 2028.

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Good Jobs, Great Training: Queensland Skills Strategy 2024 – 2028.

The Queensland Government has launched a five-year plan for the state’s TAFE and training system – the Good Jobs, Great Training: Queensland Skills Strategy 2024 – 2028.

As Queensland’s strong economy drives opportunities across industries and regions, the new skills strategy sharpens focus on the role of TAFE, developing priority skills and delivering training for good jobs for Queenslanders now and into the future.

Across five focus areas and five years, the strategy will further strengthen the state’s TAFE and training system while guiding billions in skills investment to maximise productivity and participation across the growing and changing workforce – building on strong foundations set by the Queensland Government’s nation-leading Queensland Workforce Strategy.

The strategy is also Queensland’s roadmap to deliver on the landmark National Skills Agreement, unlocking funds for national priorities such as critical skills growth, delivering TAFE Centres of Excellence, Closing the Gap for First Nations Queenslanders, improving course completions and providing greater access to foundation skills.

The strategy’s five focus areas are:

1.        Skills for good jobs – Get more Queenslanders into highly skilled jobs quicker

2.        Training that has the power to change lives – Support Queenslanders to access the lifelong benefits of training for good, highly skilled jobs

3.        TAFE for all Queenslanders – Deliver training across Queensland and skills for local economies by putting TAFE at the heart of the training system

4.        A training system backing Queenslanders – Build on the strengths of our world-class training system by working with our partners, promoting opportunities offered by training and standing up for Queenslanders

5.        Quality and results driven – Focus on economic priorities, local needs and student outcomes so our training system delivers for Queensland.