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Fitness Instructors direct, instruct and guide individuals and groups in the pursuit of physical fitness and wellbeing.

Work is in gyms or sports centres, outdoors in parks or public spaces and at client homes.

Suits people who can communicate well and motivate others. An interest in health science, especially relating to muscular growth, weight loss and nutrition is important.

Job titles include: Fitness Instructor, Aerobics Instructor, Gym Instructor, Physical Fitness Trainer



Key Responsibilities

  • consulting with various Health Professionals to develop and design fitness programs
  • designing individual fitness programs based on assessment of the client’s age, level of fitness, goals and abilities
  • delivering group exercise classes and personal tuition in a variety of fitness activities in a safe and creative manner
  • demonstrating and teaching body movements and skills used in fitness routines
  • setting up and monitoring fitness equipment and ensuring that equipment is safe, clean and in working condition
  • teaching and advising on the use of fitness equipment
  • ensuring clients are aware of and adhere to safety and injury prevention procedures
  • reporting accidents and preparing accident reports
  • maintaining a working knowledge of current health and safety standards and ensuring working practices and procedures conform to current legislation
  • maintaining current first aid certificates

Education, Training and Skills Pathways

  • You usually need a Certificate III or IV in Fitness to work as a Fitness Instructor.

Other requirements

  • Licensing or registration required

You may also need:

  • Working with vulnerable people and children check
  • First Aid Certificate
  • CPR Certificate

Jobs Boards

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Sports Coaches, Instructors and Officials coach, train and instruct participants in sports, and officiate at sporting events.


Sports Development Officers promote sports and skills development and oversee the participation of young people and other special groups in sport.


Sports administrators manage clubs, academies, associations or organisations that are involved in sporting or recreational activities.

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