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The CLUBMAP free weekly webinar series shares great tips on running a successful, sustainable club.

The webinar series runs every Monday at 6:00 PM, from now until December 12.

NOV 7 – Winter Sports: How to plan for winter success now. 
If you don’t plan for it, it won’t happen. All successful community sporting clubs have a roadmap.  Learn what plans your winter sporting club can put in place today to ensure success in 2023.

Nov 21 – Grants: How to ask for, and secure more financial support and funding. 
Many clubs just aren’t aware of the depth of grants that clubs are eligible for. Learn how to source more funding opportunities and give your club the best chance of success.

Nov 28 – Technology: How successful clubs use tech every day. 
Many clubs are still operating the same way as they were in the 90’s. This webinar covers ways to bring your club up to speed with new platforms and programs.

Dec 5 – Finances: How to manage the money, an easy 101. 
CLUBMAP will go through some financial tips to provide transparency, accountability and piece of mind for the committee.

Dec 12 – Retaining Volunteers: Planning for future success(ion). 
Retention of volunteers is so important for sustainability. Learn how to share the workload to retain your club’s greatest asset, and the steps required for a great succession plan.

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