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Did you know that the Gambling Community Benefit Fund is about to kick off its ‘Super Round’, and has grants up to $100,000 for QLD organisations?Or that the QLD government is offering up to $20,000 to businesses employing unemployed jobseekers? GAMBLING COMMUNITY BENEFIT FUND The Gambling Community Benefit Fund (GCBF) is Queensland’s largest one-off community […]

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QLD Government COVID resources

At AQIA, we work to keep you informed about the changing regulations around COVID. Here’s the latest government advice, from restrictions that may apply to your club to how to go about checking your patron’s vaccination status. We also share some tips on securing business assistance for clubs and organisations impacted by coronavirus, and some […]

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If your club or organisation has been impacted by COVID, there are some free training opportunities available through the Queensland Government, as well as thousands of free online courses available via Skillfinder. Check out the links below to see how you and your organisation can upskill for free and reap the benefits. SMALL BUSINESS SKILLS […]

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Here’s the latest news in vocational training and education, from the National Skills Reform to the QLD govt Job Trainer Fund. Read on to find out how your organisation could benefit. NATIONAL SKILLS REFORM – INDUSTRY INVITED TO SHAPE SKILLS REFORMS The Australian Government is calling on industry and businesses to take a seat at […]

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Future work small business web

The contribution of small businesses to the Queensland economy is significant. They are an important creator of investment and employment opportunities, particularly in Queensland’s regions. The impact of COVID-19 on small businesses in Queensland has been significant. […]

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Lifelong Learning Report

As the Queensland economy and labour market changes, industries are evolving, and workplaces are adapting to emerging needs. We are working later into life and our skills must continually develop and adapt. Recent unforeseen and rapid disruption to the Queensland economy has amplified these changes. […]

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State of Volunteering in Queensland 2021 Full Report

Over 3.0 million (or 75.7% of) Queenslanders over 18 years of age volunteered in 2020. This includes people who volunteered formally with organisations, as well as those who do not have an affiliation with an organisation but contributed informally to their communities. Volunteers contributed over 900 million hours in 2020 and individuals volunteered for an average of 5.7 hours every week. […]

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Current Grants Opportunities

COVID-19 Small Business Grants – Apply Now 2021 COVID-19 Business Support Grants – The Queensland Government has announced that $5,000 grants will be made available to small and medium businesses across Queensland affected by the current COVID-19 lockdown (commenced Saturday 31 July 2021) and lockdowns in other states. The Queensland Government recognises the short interval […]

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Assistance and Support for Organisations and Clubs

We aim to make it easier to run local fitness, sport and recreation organisations and clubs. Active Queenslanders Industry Alliance provides free one-on-one advice on how to apply for and win grants, free access to club management templates and tools, fact sheets, videos, legal information, advice on staffing and volunteer matters and subsidised Strategic and Business Planning audits and workshops.

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