Active Industry Workforce Plan

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Active Industry Workforce Plan

AQIA is excited to announce we have been successful in our Active Industry Project Fund (Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport) to deliver a strategic ACTIVE INDUSTRY WORKFORCE PLAN 2023-2033.  This plan will include the paid workforce and the volunteer workforce who support the industry.  Active Industry includes fitness, sport, outdoor recreation, community recreation, swimming and aquatics. 

The Plan will provide a snapshot and analysis of the current workforce and skills available (supply) and the future workforce needed (demand) for the industry.  It will also include strategies and actions for how best to prepare the workforce for the future.  It will identify the required skills to help ensure businesses and organisations have ongoing access to a skilled labour pool.  The aim of the Plan will be to:

  • develop strategies to address current and emerging mismatches in areas of supply and demand
  • develop ways to prepare workforces for changes that are occurring and to meet the 2032 Olympic delivery
  • identify areas that could attract new investment and business development opportunities
  • identify new and emerging markets, trends and technologies
  • identify ways to maintain and retrain required skills levels for current workers
  • identify opportunities to collaboratively work with other education providers (secondary, tertiary and vocational) to develop and harness a ‘work-ready’ labour pool.

The plan will identify strategies to respond to workforce shortages and skills affecting the growth, sustainability and productivity of Queensland’s fitness, sport and recreation sectors. It will be broken down into two time periods – medium term (2023-2027) and long term (to 2033 post Olympics).   These time periods will acknowledge the sufficient lead time needed to skill, upskill and reskill a workforce.  The Plan will also include timeframes for delivery and measures that will indicate achievement of the strategy.

The Plan will have a number of purposes:

  • Provide a clear direction for what the industry workforce requires to meet the demands of the future
  • Accurately direct investment of Qld Govt programs and services
  • Provide for evidence based decision making

The eventual outcome of the Plan will be a strong, resilient, and adaptable workforce that can drive and support the industry into the future.

Watch this space for more information about how you can have a say and participate in the development of this Plan.

This project is proudly funded by the Queensland Government’s Active Industry Project Fund through the Department of Tourism, Sport and Innovation.