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Sports Psychologist

Sports Psychologists create, plan, and implement mental health strategies for athletes who require treatment in the areas of mental and emotional health.

Where You Might Work

Psychologists should expect to work in many different industry locations, including: 

Key Responsibilities

Working in psychology can be a challenging and thought-provoking profession that will include many different responsibilities throughout a day at work. These responsibilities could include: 

The Attributes and Skills You Will Need

Attributes Sports Psychologists must show to succeed in their profession include: 

Salary: around $74,000

Market Insights

1,200 employed.

Market Insights

Full-time share of 52%.

Market Insights

Female share of 79%

Market Insights

Average age of 41

Market Insights

Retrieved from: Labour Market Insights

Salary: The average salary of a Sports Psychologist in Australia is around $74,000, according to


The following career guide highlights the best way to become a sports Psychologist. You will need to receive an ATAR score and be willing to study at a university.

CoursePotential Career OutcomesFurther QualificationsDuration and Number of Elements/Units
Bachelor of Psychological ScienceThis degree prepares you for most careers in psychology. We recommend taking elective subjects that relate back to sport.Many students will continue their study path by undergoing a master’s qualification.Full-time duration of 4 years


Already qualified? Head to the Sportspeople jobs board for the best selection of positions currently available in the industry.

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