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Sports Coaches and Instructors

Coaches train and instruct participants to compete and perform at every level of sport. Some coaches can also use their knowledge of a particular sport to umpire or officiate games and matches.

Coaches have a similar objective to other active careers, as they strive to get the best out of their players and are continuously working towards a goal or improvement.

Where you Might Work

Where a coach works will depend on what sport they instruct. Areas where sport takes place include, but are not limited to: 

Key Responsibilities

Like fitness instructors, coaches must plan different elements of their day in advance to make sure they are ready for whatever comes next. Their key responsibilities include: 

The Attributes and Skills You Will Need

Coaches have attributes that are required to make sure their players and constituents perform to the best of their abilities. These attributes include: 

the salary of a full-time coach ranges from $65,000 to $80,000

Market Insights

47,300 employed.

Market Insights

Full-time share of 19%

Market Insights

Female share of 50%

Market Insights

Average age of 23

Market Insights


The following career guides to become a sports coach are a broad representation of how to gain access to the industry. Formal qualifications are useful but not always required. A high level of knowledge in your chosen sport you wish to coach will be required.

Course ListCareer OpportunitiesFurther Qualifications Number of elements/units
Certificate II in Sport Coaching (SIS20321)These courses provide a pathway to work in community coaching roles, including working or volunteering at community-based sports clubs. Included in this VET program is the ability to choose elective units that are specific to your sport, allowing participants to understand certain sports including equestrian riding and swimming at an advanced level.Contains 7 units recognised by the Australian Qualifications Framework (3 core units and 4 elective units)
Diploma of Sport (SIS50321)

A Diploma of Sport allows individuals to pursue 3 notable job titles: 

  • High performance coach
  • Sport development officer/manager
  • Talent manager
The Diploma of Sport’s elective subjects allow students to specialise in certain areas. We recommend choosing the coaching elective package (6 elective units) along with another elective package that you are interested in.

Course Length: 1 year

Contains 14 units recognised by the Australian Qualifications Framework (3 core units and 11 elective units)


Additional Qualifications

Already qualified? Head to the Sportspeople jobs board for the best selection of positions currently available in the industry.

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