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Customer Service Officers

Customer service officers direct and undertake roles in a call centre, contact centre, or customer support department. Many businesses in the fitness, sport, and recreation industry need job seekers looking to fill roles.

Where You Might Work

Working as a customer service officer can take you to several different industries where different key performance indicators must be met. The locations you could find yourself as a customer service officer in our industry includes:Ā 

Key Responsibilities

The Attributes and Skills You Will Need

Customer service officers are expected to be personable and inviting; however, there are many other attributes one may need to succeed in this career. These attributes could include:Ā 

Salary: ranges from $60,000 to $75,000

Market Insights

34,300 employed

Market Insights

Full-time share of 90%.

Market Insights

Female share of 44%.

Market Insights

Average age n/a

Market Insights

Retrieved from: Labour Market Insights

Salary: the average salary of a customer service officer ranges from $60,000 to $75,000, according to


The education pathways listed encompass the most common entry-level courses that can be undergone to become a customer service officer.

Course/sPotential Career OutcomesFurther QualificationsDuration and/or number of units
Certificate III in Business – Specialisation in Customer Engagement (BSB30120)The job roles that relate to this qualification may include Customer Service Representative.

Certificate IV in Business

Diploma of BusinessĀ 

Duration: 8 months

13 units recognised by the Australian Qualification Framework


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