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Athletic Trainer - Sports Medicine Trainers

Athletic Trainers make sport and physical activity safer for athletes by preventing and attending to injuries. 

Where you Might Work

Athletic trainers can expect to work in all settings where professional and amateur sport is taking place. These areas could include: 

Key Responsibilities

The tasks of an athletic trainer can differ depending on what sporting code or organisation you are working for. Universal responsibilities for this career may include:  

The Attributes and Skills You Will Need

Athletic trainers must apply relevant personal attributes to excel in their profession. These attributes are: 

Salary: n/a

Market Insights

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Market Insights

Full-time share n/a

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Female share n/a

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Market Insights

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Salary: the salary of an athletic trainer differs greatly due to it mostly being a part-time role.


The education pathways listed encompass the most common courses that can be undergone to become an athletic trainer. 

Course/sPotential Career OpportunitiesFurther Qualifications Duration and/or number of units
Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science

This degree allows you to work in many different fields relating to sports science, including:

Exercise specialist for community sports organisations

Sport and recreation manager/officer

Occupational health and safety officer

Athletic trainer

Some students may wish to undergo an honours year for further knowledge.

3-4 years full-time study

5-6 years part-time study

Sports Medicine Australia Level 1 Trainer The course provides an opportunity for participants to become an SMA Accredited Sports Trainer.  This is the standard requirement to perform the duties of a Sports Trainer in most major Australian sporting codes.  


Additional Training

Already qualified? Head to the Sportspeople jobs board for the best selection of positions currently available in the industry.

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