Advocacy and Engagement – Active Queenslanders Industry Alliance

Active Queenslanders Industry Alliance aims to provide a united voice for the collective interests of Queensland’s fitness, sport and active recreation sectors in relation to skills and training issues in relevant policy making processes.  

The industry contributes to the State’s social and economic health outcomes in the order of $18 billion per annum as well as directly and indirectly supporting the employment of 67,000 Queenslanders.  We help incorporate physical activity in the daily lives of Queenslanders, contribute to preventative health measures, improve workplace productivity and support local economies. The industry is dominated by small to medium enterprises, many of which are not-for-profit.  A large volunteer workforce underpins the industry and delivers a major unpaid economic contribution across the sector. Volunteers require both accredited and non-accredited training to sustain the industry.  

In close consultation with our industry partners, we prepare and present submissions on behalf of the industry highlighting the direct and indirect economic and social benefits delivered by fitness, sport and active recreation and focus on the skills, training and workforce needs for the industry into the future.  Active Queenslanders Industry Alliance works closely with various industry stakeholders, including peak bodies, industry associations, state representative bodies, government bodies, sport and recreation clubs and individuals. We have identified future key external influences which are expected to impact on the fitness, sport and active recreation sectors which include digital technology, social media, economic stability (links to discretionary income), labour market issues, and the impact of government policies / incentives on participation levels.