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To help support your organisation or club through the COVID-19 shutdown period, Active Queenslanders Industry Alliance is offering access to webinars which provide administrators information and important advice on how to prevent financial ruin in response to the pandemic.  

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Marketing and Diversity: Stand out in the crowd post COVID-19

Watch the webinar or register for the Diversity online course

If you missed our Marketing and Diversity webinar featuring Natalie Cook and Chelsea Roffey, you can now watch the full livestream recording by following the link below. The webinar focussed on helping organisations stand out in the crowd post COVID-19, and how factoring diversity and inclusion into your business strategy can help drive new revenue streams.

To further develop your organisation or club’s diversity and inclusion programs, Chelsea Roffey is offering 20% off her online course: How to Attract and Retain Greater Diversity. It examines core areas:

  • Evidence: diversity, inclusion and high performance
  • Barriers: where diversity and inclusion fall short
  • How to identify simple actions and ripple effects for attracting and retaining greater diversity.

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