Supporting the Fitness, Sport and Recreation Industry in Queensland


Active Queenslanders Industry Alliance – Working with Government

Active Queenslanders Industry Alliance works with all levels of government to support the paid and volunteer workforce of the fitness, sport and recreation industry and to help Councils and government agencies support the grassroots organisations and clubs in their local areas.

We can deliver targeted online event packages for Councils and agencies specifically built for their workforce and community-level organisations complimented by a bulk allocation of licences for our Online Training and Resource Hub and dedicated access to AQIA experts, such as our TGG Consultancy David O’Leary.

Online Event Partnership

AQIA can deliver branded or co-branded webinars with partner organisations directly to their audience, or we will build the audience for you. For example, AQIA can partner with individual or clusters Councils to communicate directly to your fitness, sports and recreation organisations and clubs.

To help support local clubs and organisations through COVID-19 AQIA offers access to webinars which provide 

administrators information and important advice to help navigate the financial uncertainty and evolving changes. 

AQIA webinars have proven to be very popular resulting in thousands of engagements and a unique audience of over 100,000 users on social media.

We have joined with some of our partners to provide more online experiences to Queensland’s active industry, adding additional webinar and Zoom topics such as communication, planning (short & long term), volunteer program, membership, culture & governance, succession planning and COVID-specific advice.

AQIA delivered free COVID Safety Officer e-Learning training to over 4,000 organisation and club administrators across Queensland’s fitness, sport and recreation industry to understand and implement the Queensland Government’s Return to Play rules when COVID restrictions began to relax.

The funding and grants maze can sometimes seem confusing or overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be arrange a free discussion with a grants specialist.

Eligible Clubs and organisations can access a free confidential consultation with a qualified legal adviser, to discuss the impacts of COVID-19 on your organisation. Know where you stand on the issues that matter to your organisation, and gain clarity moving forward.

Active Queenslanders Industry Alliance can assist eligible organisations to receive free advice from a Human Resources specialist. This free confidential consultation with a qualified HR Consultant can be used to discuss the impacts of COVID-19 on your organisation or club. Know where you stand with employment contracts, flexible work arrangements, payments, return to work arrangements and more.

Depending on the level of assistance you require, you may wish to engage further external HR advice after your initial consultation.

Club Spot Online Training and Resource Hub is a support system licensed by councils, peak bodies and government agencies designed to help your club grow and succeed. The training and resources found at Club Spot will help your volunteers to effectively run, grow and strengthen their clubs.

Active Queenslanders Industry Alliance is running a pilot program to subsidise your club or organisation’s access to a premium, personalised club health check and strategic/financial planning process.

We will work with you to coordinate your contribution of $500 together with $750 contributions from each of your state-level body and the Active Queenslanders Industry Alliance.

Assistance and Support for Organisations and Clubs

We aim to make it easier to run local fitness, sport and recreation organisations and clubs. Active Queenslanders Industry Alliance provides free one-on-one advice on how to apply for and win grants, free access to club management templates and tools, fact sheets, videos, legal information, advice on staffing and volunteer matters and subsidised Strategic and Business Planning audits and workshops.

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