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CLUBMAP Workshops

Available to: Eligible Clubs and Organisations

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CLUBMAP offers a range of workshops to guide your club towards sustainability and success. From our Premium Planning Workshops through to our Mission Vision & Values Workshops, we pass on our 20+ years’ of experience to provide you with the tailored plans, direction, confidence and support your club needs to thrive. Check out all 7 workshops, all available at a discounted rate for AQIA members.

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CLUBMAP offers a range of 2-hour workshops to guide your club towards success. Choose from the workshops below:


PREMIUM PLANNING WORKSHOPS: We guide you through planning in all the key areas of your club’s administration, generating roadmaps for revenue, operations and strategy.

Cost for AQIA members: $2500 (2999 for non-members)*

FACILITATED PLANNING DAY: A follow-on from the Premium Planning Workshop. Put plans into action, incl. committee structure, volunteer program, revenue streams, membership + more.

Cost for AQIA members: $2000 ($2272 for non-members)*

VOLUNTEERS & STRUCTURE WORKSHOP: Helping you build your club’s new committee structure and create a thriving volunteer program.

Cost for AQIA members: $2000 ($2272 for non-members)*

NEW-AGE REVENUE WORKSHOP: Work smarter, not harder. CLUBMAP’s revenue initiatives can create a plan to generate $20K-100K of new, repeatable revenue in year one.

Cost for AQIA members: $2000 ($2272 for non-members)*

COMPLETE PLANNING PACKAGE: (Two x 2-hour workshops.) A discounted combination of the PREMIUM PLANNING WORKSHOP and the FACILITATED PLANNING DAY.

Cost for AQIA members: $4400 ($4954 for non-members)*

MISSION, VISION & VALUES WORKSHOP: Assess and workshop the club’s overall mission within the community, set the long-term vision and outline the club’s core values.

Cost for AQIA members: $2000 ($2272 for non-members)*

REVIEW & RECHARGE WORKSHOP: Review your progress since working with CLUBMAP and update plans where needed. A great opportunity to review and refresh.

Cost for AQIA members: $2000 ($2272 for non-members)*

*Please note that prices do not include GST.


“I got a lot more out of this than I thought I would… If we had this 10 years ago we would have been laughing, but there’s nothing out there. What you guys are doing is fantastic”

Tony Fuda, President
Eastern united Football Club

“It’s been really interesting, to have fresh eyes, someone outside to come in and look at things objectively. The fundraising is the biggest pressure on volunteers… and is something we’ve been talking about for a while, it’s great to have new ideas there.”

Ramayana Loveridge, President
Marlin Coast Swimming Club

“I’ve been involved in club admin for 30 years, and I cannot believe the different ideas that have just come through in the last couple of hours, never know the depth of things we can do and tap into.”

Cameron Haines, Director
Carngham Linton Football Netball Club

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